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Ours services Women and men who are experts in their fields, lend you their know-how to provide services in marine environment, geology, fluid inclusions analysis We are present in Renewable Marine Energies (RME), oil & gas and mining exploration, as well as in the geothermal energy sector.

Environmental Modeling

Benjamin Livas
After graduating from a Master in Aquatic Ecosystems’ Dynamic, Benjamin  started to work in the field of the coastal environment in a CNRS Laboratory in Dinard, France. This work led him to finally enter the domain of the Oil & Gas industry, working as a marine and coastal environment engineer on many different projects. He is now a 2012/01/01 years’ experience expert specialized in the modelling of any discharge in marine environment (oil spill, produced waters, drill cuttings, chemicals, etc.) and  the response associated, mainly using the MEMW© software, of which he is user certified by the developers, the SINTEF, located in Norway.

Environmental modelling performed at H-ES consists in digitally recreating in 3D any discharge at sea (regardless of its nature), studying its behavior, and estimating its impact on the environment.

It is commonly used nowadays for environmental monitoring, in response to an aquatic pollution, up-front offshore work operations… Within various industries (Marine Energies, Oil & Gas, Maritime Transport, etc.)

Constitution and Updates of the Oil Spill Contingency Plannings 3D simulations: blow-out or surface releases Multi-year stochastic simulations: oil presence probability on surface and
All « routine » discharge at sea can be monitored to asses its environmental impact, uncluding: Produced Waters Cooling Waters Filters washing Water Temperature

Fluid Inclusion analysis

Dr Vanessa Dyja Person Co Founder Of Hes Expertise Services Portrait
Dr Vanessa DYJA-PERSON (Fluid inclusions -aqueous and petroleum inclusions)
  • 2015/01/01 years’ experience in analysis for TOTAL, GeoResources, CSIRO, UNAM (Mexico)

Our mission is to reconstruct the P-T-t conditions of fluid trapping during diagenesis and to understand the conditions of oil and gas migration and storage, to evaluate leaks and to date all these events.

Mineral paragenesis and cartography. Determination of diagenesis events and chronology using cold and hot cathodoluminescence techniques. Description of Fluid Inclusion Assemblages. Oil fluid inclusion
Aqueous liquid phase The final ice melting temperatures (Tm ice) of aqueous fluids are translated into salinity. In the case of fragile minerals, Raman
Confocal In the case of oil inclusions, Confocal Scanning Laser Microscopy is used to determine the Gas Oil Ratio (GOR) of individual fluorescent inclusions;
Basin modelling and fluid inclusion data are combined: The P-T trapping conditions are positioned on the graph featuring the litho- and hydro-static gradients. The
Picking for samples selection API degrees Quantitative petrography ICPMS measures (major and minor elements, Cl/Br…)


Tailor made training such as:

  • Environental Modelling Training : Initiation to deployment of the OSCAR, DREAM & ParTrack softwares
  • Fluid inclusion analysis, conceps and implementation in the industry


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